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"This song is about my herpes, it's called 'Breakout, Breakout'- Jack Barakat

"I take on a bear everyday."-self against city

"TIMMAY!"-Sal, envy on the coast

"Throwing punches at ocean waves."

"Alallalalaooalalaolaoaoal" - Jer, Envy on the caost, at me while waving his arms.

Me: we spent 8 hours in the car on the way here and then an hour being lost and now I just....
Sal: You went insane!


"HEY, YOU'RE ON HEROIN!" - Ryan Hunter

"Me and Klepek got in a fight." - Ryan O'Connor

"I could chew on bones for hours. Give me a whale bone and it'll last me a month." - Ryan Hunter

"I'd kill Bill Gates and take all his money." - Ryan Hunter

"Like, if I'm in heaven and the food sucks, I'm out. I'll go to hell instead."
"What if the food in hell is bad too?"
"Well then I'm royally screwed. I'll stay in purgatory and eat the Hors d'ouerves." - Ryan Hunter

"You know when that kid grows up his parents are going to have to be like 'DUDE. YOU KILLED A PENGUIN!'" - Ryan Hunter

"How do you feel about Lawrence?"

"He's not gonna date rape me, he's just watching my beer!"

Ryan: "What happened to you?"
Stacey: "We had a cupcake fight."
Ryan: "You lost!"

"Thats what Larry said"



Ryan: "Thank you for coming to like 95% of the tour."
Briana: "We only came to six."
Ryan: "Yeah, thats like 95% of the tour."

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